All Breakfast in Palma de Mallorca

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    The Workshop Cafe & Cycles

    New cycling café !: The Workshop cafe & cyclist. </ strong> Cafeteria, bar and bike rental with workshop service included. Serve breakfast, lunch, beer, … They have Meke coffee and they have created a very cool and open space. They are located on Magalhaes Street, 1, near the Maritime Zone.

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    Café Can Balaguer (Amadip Esment)

    Can Balaguer coffee belongs to the family of establishments of the Amadip Esment Foundation. Es Pes de Sa Palla, Café Palmanova, … among others. It is located in a typical seventeenth century Mallorcan courtyard, recently restored and has created a space that forms a true oasis in the heart of Read more [...]

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    Lluís Pérez is like a cake shop. Everything is taken care of, and the cakes, croissants and quiches look like diamonds. For me it has been very high in the ranking of favorite places for afternoon coffee. They open beyond 6pm on weekdays, have a large assortment of sweets and Read more [...]

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    Bar Vista Alegre

    In my TOP 5 of best llonguets in Palma, great! A bar of all the life, with good sandwiches with bread of llonguet, terracita stuck to the facade and a place of before.

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    Bar Bosch

    The bosch bar is a great classic of the city, with many years behind, specifically since 1936. The decoration has remained practically the same as at the beginning, and its walls can be seen hanging portraits that the parishioners have been giving away from the bar itself. Very saturated practically Read more [...]

  • Cappuccino San Miguel

    In a society where every day cities are more like each other, where the franchises flood everything and make them look like clonal cities (dankin donuts, mc donals, bocatta, starbucks …), we have to value very positively having a group of coffee shops entirely local, entirely Mallorcan. This is the Read more [...]

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    Café Sibil·la

    There is a good atmosphere inside, they have taken care of a very natural decoration, with wooden furniture and white walls, with some plants and spaciousness. It would become an Ikea style, but more classic jejeje In fact, its corporate image (logo), plays with an old element, the classic hydraulic Read more [...]

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    I am going to start warning you that I will not be exactly impartial with the 2Terres, since I love their owner and owner, and I value how he does things and the affection he puts in his work. Warned you are Eric, owner and manager of 2Terres, I know Read more [...]

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    Cafeteria vintage style, with a very elaborate decoration and a specific playground for children. They have food and typical Argentine sweets: empanadas, toasted sandwich, alfajores, etc.

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    La Fábrica

    Hand in hand with the owners of Mise en Place (in Plaza Mayor, Palma), this small cafe serves the same delights as its big brother, in a neighborhood place that has been great: bright and quiet, with a terrace on the Very nice sidewalk.

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    A large assortment of breakfast options, many different toasts, juices and more dishes. The place is decorated great, and have tables on the sidewalk, ideal to see people pass in the popular neighborhood of Santa Catalina.

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    El Perrito

    The neighborhood of Santa Catalina is an old fishing district, due to its proximity to the sea. It is one of the neighborhoods with more character of the city, with low houses of 1 or 2 floors, which give it a special charm. It also has a very popular market, Read more [...]

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    A very cool place, spacious and with a large assorted menu of breakfast, brunch and food. It has a small table that faces the street, and on Saturday mornings the sun

  • Fibonacci Ciudad Jardin

    The first of all the Fibonacci stores in Palma. It was born mainly as an oven, although it also has a bar inside for a drink, and a few chairs outside, like a small terrace. Pity, the views are not very pleasant, as they face the main road of Coll Read more [...]

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    Fibonacci Santa Catalina

    Just in front of one of the doors of the famous Santa Catalina market, one of the Fibonacci stores is located. This, like the first that opened the chain in Ciudad Jardín, is more focused on the oven than in the cafeteria, since it is a very small place, with Read more [...]