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    Neighborhood cafe with a cool touch. They always have good ham cut by hand. Good sandwiches and snacks, and every day they offer a homemade and well priced dish.

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    Bar Vista Alegre

    In my TOP 5 of best llonguets in Palma, great! A bar of all the life, with good sandwiches with bread of llonguet, terracita stuck to the facade and a place of before.

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    How well it came to Calle Blanquerna to open a cafeteria and pastry shop. It seems a lie, but it is not so easy to find a quiet place, where you can have a coffee in the afternoon and sin a bit with a piece of cake or homemade candy. Read more [...]

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    Bar Bosch

    The bosch bar is a great classic of the city, with many years behind, specifically since 1936. The decoration has remained practically the same as at the beginning, and its walls can be seen hanging portraits that the parishioners have been giving away from the bar itself. Very saturated practically Read more [...]

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    Bar Isleño

    One of my favorite places in llonguets throughout the city. They make them warm and of a great variety of ingredients: ham, cheese, tuna, loin, camaiot, and the star of the French omelette. It has the decoration and distribution of a bar of a lifetime, I would even say that Read more [...]

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    La Finca

    Specialty coffee shop, with kitchen and a varied menu of breakfasts, snacks and meals. They have a small terrace attached to the facade with 4 or 5 tables.